March 29, 2021. Dutch authorities have officially launched new regulatory inspection and enforcement rules under which OR and enterprises will be further required to cooperate to complete the necessary inspection.

Overview of Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement Function

The Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement Function is centered on decisions regarding compliance and whether action is required under the corresponding legislation or regulations. Among others, actions may include sending letters indicating remedial steps to be taken, enforcing penalties, filing charges through the court system, and shutting down non-compliant operations.

In a departure from previous years, the Dutch authorities will not only be comparing customs data with companies’ trade data and require them to provide relevant qualification documents. Instead, companies will be under the obligation to provide all trade records for the substances they spot check for any given year.

Attention: All enterprises exporting to European region, please follow the standard use of number of registration dossiers and closely monitor the importer management system.